The measurement of toe systolic pressure

SysToe improves the reliability of distal blood pressure measurement, especially in diabetic and chronicrenal failure patients, since the measurement of ankle pressure and ankle brachial index may be false or impossible in these patients because of medial calcinosis.

SysToe is easily performed outside the Vascular Lab by diabetologists, nephrologists, general practitioner  for the follow-up of patients with peripheral arterial disease.

Functional vascular testing – Ankle and toe pressure

All the functions are fully integrated in the BASIC DOPPLER

  • 7’’ WVGA touch screen (TFT colour)
  • 4 MHz & 8 MHz continuous Doppler
  • Bidirectional Doppler
  • Arterial & venous Doppler
  • Real-time colour spectral analysis
  • Doppler spectrum: 256 colours, 256 point FFT
  • Audio output:
    • Two built-in loud speakers
    • Stereo, separated reverse and forward flows
    • Headphone socket
  • Six indices displayed in real time (Vs, Vd, Vm, Hr, RI, PI, S/D)
  • Display of the curve or spectrum
  • Ultrasensitive PPG sensors
  • Bilateral recording of the arterial waveform from the digits
  • Bilateral diagnosis of venous insuffciency (option)


Automatic Doppler systolic pressure meaurement

Bilateral photo-plethysmography

TBI measurement