With its minimal size and medical grade all in one PC, the BRAIN QUICK ICU Line is ideal for EEG monitoring in the ICU and NICU. The system features an intuitive Hospital Grade, IP54 rated touch screen and the ability to set up EEG display and trend analysis in addition to event management over network. Continuously monitor 29,38 0r 48 channels of EEG data, or combined with channel of EMG

Intuitive and User Friendly

  • LCD display for bedside access to data
  • Height adjustment, easy to maneuver cart
  • Small, lightweight footprint
  • LED Impedance check indicator on every input
  • EEG analysis for online and offline monitoring
  • Comprehensive report generation
  • Up to 16KHz sampling rate
  • All channel can be switched to DC

BRAIN QUICK Software is an intuitive, powerful software platform with the ability to customize user-roles to accommodate workflow, powerful data analysis and management tools and sophisticated archiving functionality

Powerful Trending Tools

  • Spectral Analysis (CDSA)
  • Coherence Analysis
  • Trending
  • Online Alarm
  • BSR
  • Persyst Integration

Brain Quick to Persyst Integration

Synchronized and fast review of EEG, trends, and video using configurable displays

Automated seizure and spike detection with expert-level performance

Automated artifact removal

  • Persyst Analysis is integreted in the Brain Quick Review windows
  • Micromed EEG and Persyst are syncronized
  • Example for trend view in Persyst
  • Example for automatic Seizure Detected