The NEUROWERK EMG System provides the complete range of methods required in the daily routine diagnostic of neurological function disorders. It enables you to create your own programs, opening up practically unlimited possibilities to find an optimum examination method for your particular diagnostic problem.

Highlights of the system include the straightforward system intuitive operation combined with high time efficiency, as well as the amplifier and high ADC resolution to record any electrophysiological signal you need.

Customizes Solution for support arm and accessories

NEUROWERK portable with carry case

NEUROWERK Workstation

High Quality Amplifier for any applications

  • 24-bit A/D converter
  • 50 kHz sampling rate per channel
  • Second electric stimulator for triple stimulation and collision test
  • NEUROWERK RC remote control for straightforward operations
  • Connection for any magnetic stimulation

EMG software that optimized efficiency