Grael PSG / EEG

Over 26 years of experience in designing PSG and EEG amplifiers, including the highly successful Compmedics E-Series, has culminated in Grael – Our most technologically advanced amplifier yet and the world’s first High Definition PSG amplifier. Choose the model best suited for your needs: Grael for dual-platform PSG and EEG, or Grael EEG for dedicated EEG studies.

Industry-leading amplifier optimized for Gold Standard HD PSG studies.

Over 25 years of experience in designing PSG and EEG amplifiers, including the highly successful E-Series, has culminated in Grael PSG. Based on the flagship Grael amplifier, the Grael PSG has a channel subset dedicated for Sleep studies. A true-HD PSG amplifier with channels as specified for the Gold standard AASM Type 1 studies.


Revolutionary Diagnostics for a Wireless World Revolutionary Flexibility Siesta provides 32 amplified channels for data collection: any physiological signal may be recorded on any channel.

  • Differential or Referential
  • true 16 bit resolution
  • sampling rates to 512Hz
  • two expansion ports for accessory modules; oximeter,   pressure transducers, event button….interface up to 32 additional signals Revolutionary Power
  • Use standard alkaline A cells…OR
  • Use rechargeable NiMH battery pack (Recharger built in recharge Siesta just like you charge your cell phone)…OR Run Siesta on AC power; just plug it in

Whether you are looking for a recorder for attended sleep studies, or you wish to perform full polysomnography in an unattended, ambulatory setting, or both, Somte PSG is the solution you’re looking for – the simplest and most convenient way to meet requirements for full PSG…absolutely anywhere.

• Attended in-lab recordings of the full complement of PSG signals using recommended technology.
• Maximum patient freedom and comfort – The patient is not tethered to any bedside unit or computer, instead data is transferred via Bluetooth wireless transmission from the patient worn unit to the bedside station.
• Do everything you can usually do with an in-lab study – monitor patient data, record synchronized digital video, add annotation, run automatic or manual on-line data analysis. Technical reports can be ready just minutes after the recording ends.
• The bedside station^ provides Ethernet connectivity for remote LAN/WAN/Internet viewing and acquisition.
• The bedside station^ allows up to 8 external DC inputs for other channel capabilities such as pH or capnography.

Available channels
• 6 x EEG
• 2 x EOG
• 2 x Chin EMG
• ECG – with Thoracic Impedance option
• Airflow from Pressure transducer
• Snore
• Pressure (for CPAP/ Bilevel)
• Thoracic RIP band
• Abdominal RIP band
• 2 x Limb
• Position
• Oximeter provides SpO2, Pulse Rate, Plethysmography waveform and Oximeter probe status
• Aux selectable as thermistor, external position sensor, Aux AC or Aux DC

Flexible Signal Options
• Use a cannula and pressure transducer and/or thermistor to record airflow
• Use Inductive Plethysmography or thoracic impedance technology to record respiratory effort
• Use position sensor integrated into headbox or an external position sensor if preferred

Sampling Rate
• 1-200Hz

Wireless Technology
• Uses Bluetooth Wireless technology (Class 2) for patient comfort
• Up to 10m range from bedside station to patient – dependent on environment

• 2 x AA alkaline or NiMH batteries

Recording Time
• Up to 24 hours of recording

Somte offers versatility and customization with 8 data channels producing up to 13 total signals including data types not typically offered on small, ambulatory recorders.

– Your choice of 2 available high frequency channels – EEG, EOG, ECG or EMG
– Up to 2 channels of ECG for arrhythmia detection and classification
– Multiple ECG waveform view
– Pressure transducer for sensitive nasal airflow and CPAP measurements
– Effort signals produced from inductive band technology
– PLM data collection/ analysis

Available signals

– EXG 1 (EOG, EEG, EMG, ECG, Off)
– EXG 2 (EOG, EEG, EMG, ECG, Off)
– Pressure
– Airflow
– Snore
– Thoracic Effort
– Abdominal Effort
– Limb movement
– Body position
– SpO2
– Pulse rate
– Pulse waveform
– Oximeter signal quality


Explore Sleep… Beat by Beat

Offering the Best in Digital Technology

Somt้ is the crystallization of Compumedics’ years of experience and technological expertise in producing amplifiers and sensors for capturing physiologic data.We selected the best measurement techniques for tracking cardiac and respiratory physiology and packaged them into Somt้.

This includes:

– Integrated pressure transducer for nasal flow signal/derived snoring/CPAP pressure.

– Respiratory bands that utilize inductive technology for semi-quantitative recordings

– 2 channel ECG with full disclosure

– Integrated oximeter with pulse waveform