CURRY 8 is an advanced software tool offering large amounts of functionality. It is described in detail in the CURRY 8 User Guide and the CURRY 8 Installation and Tutorials. In addition to the written documentation, this course is available. CURRY integrates multiple complementary imaging modalities such as EEG, ECoG, MEG, MRI, fMRI, CT. By combining the latest techniques for determining electrical activity in the brain with anatomical and functional imaging, CURRY provides a powerful state-of-the-art method for accurately localizing the source of such activity. CURRY uses the full physical anatomy from MR and CT to provide three-dimensional models of the head and brain, pinpointing the site of activity. CURRY integrates fMRI functional imaging with EEG and MEG source analysis. CURRY can be used on PCs and laptops running Windows 7 or later. It is aimed at functional mapping and diagnosis of brain activity. However, the functionality offered and the evolutionary nature of CURRY also make it suitable for wider application.


  • Modular design: buy the features you really need, upgrade easily.
  • Integration of functional data (EEG, MEG, ECoG, sEEG, ECG, MCG)
    with image data (MRI, fMRI, CT, DTI FA, PET, SPECT).
  • EEG data acquisition module with online processing capabilities.
  • Complete data processing from filtering to source analysis.
  • Event support, threshold and template-based event detection.
  • Selective averaging (event type or SNR based).
  • Artifact detection and reduction (subtraction and projection methods).
  • Principal and Independent Component Analysis (PCA, ICA) and filtering.
  • Time and frequency domain evaluations.
  • Current Source Density (Laplacian).
  • Individual realistic head models using Boundary and Finite Element Methods (BEM/FEM).
  • Pre-computed realistic BEM head models.
  • Dipole fits. Dipole confidence ellipsoids are computed.
  • Dipole scans, extended source (patch) scans, MUSIC and beamformer scans.
  • Current density analysis, extended sources, Lp norms, sLORETA, SWARM.
  • Sensor and source coherence, group statistics.
  • Export of results in Excel, MATLAB, and SPM formats.
  • Interface for data processing in MATLAB.
  • Automation and batch processing.
  • Report generator.
  • Multi-document, workflow-enabled Windows user interface.
  • Multi-core support using thread-based multitasking and parallelization.
  • Hardware-accelerated real time rendering of 3D scenarios.
  • Context-sensitive help system.

CURRY reads a broad variety of EEG, MEG, digitizer, and image file formats. CURRY is backward compatible: It will read all legacy CURRY input files, as well as all CURRY 3 and later output files. Supported EEG data formats include Neuroscan, Compumedics, BioSemi, BESA, BrainVision, EBS, EDF, EGI, Micromed, Bio-Logic, Stellate, XLTEK, Nervus, Nexstim, Nicolet, Nihon-Kohden, Persyst, Telefactor, raw binary and raw ASCII. Supported MEG data formats include Elekta Neuromag, Yokogawa, 4D-Neuroimaging (BTI), CTF,
Philips, BESA, raw binary and raw ASCII. Supported image data formats include DICOM, nifti, SPM, Analyze, Freesurfer, BrainVoyager, Siemens, GE, ACR-NEMA, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, raw binary and raw ASCII.

The CURRY Scan NuAmps Express

is a research grade digital EEG and ERP recording system. It is comprised of three main components, the NuAmps amplifiers, the CURRY acquisition and analysis software (Acquisition and Signal Processing modules), and the STIM2 system for stimulus presentation (Software Only version).


  • NuAmps is a 40 channel monopolar digital amplifier (including REFs and GND). Bipolar montages and different referencing schemes are computed in the software.
  • CURRY Scan NuAmps Express was designed as a portable system that obtains power from a laptop computer (USB). Computers powered by the AC wall power supply require the optional isolation transformer to meet FDA patient safety guidelines.
  • NuAmps can use the high density cap connector or the individual Touch Proof connectors on the face of the amplifier.
  • NuAmps is a DC amplifier with a sampling rate of 1000 Hz.
  • Real time scalp impedance measurement is included.
  • The CURRY software included with the CURRY NuAmps Express package contains the Acquisition and Signal Processing modules. The license has the same warranty and upgrade policies as any other CURRY license. Other promotions and pricing specials do not apply to the CURRY license packaged with the Express system.
  • The STIM2 Software Only version is provided with CURRY NuAmps Express. STIM2 runs under the Windows XP Professional OS, and its timing and accuracy are subject to the limitations of the Windows operating system. For details about the capabilities of the STIM2 software, please see the STIM2 section of our webpage.

ProFusion EEG

Excellence in Neuro-Diagnostics

ProFusion EEG software offers an incredibly sophisticated user interface. Included are all the tools you need to quickly collect and review raw waveforms and digital video, to run sophisticated analyses (QEEG), and simply and quickly archive the test data.

A fully synchronised, high quality digital video option is available. Use with “picture in picture” feature or configure your system with two video displays, one for the waveform data and one for patient colour video. Multiple monitor configurations from Compumedics offer more screen space for waveform comparisons, patient video, and report formulation during review.

Complete synchronization of raw data, QEEG processed data, and patient video is standard with ProFusion EEG for the most comprehensive and accurate data review available.

Now available with Persyst “Reveal” Spike and Seizure Detection Software

Compumedics ProFusion EEG is now available with the internationally recognised Persyst Spike and Seizure Detection software. Persyst “Reveal” is seamlessly integrated into ProFusion EEG to allow the Doctor and Technologist even greater analysis capabilities for detecting spike and seizure activity on-line and in review.

In combination with our superior Digital Video technology, we can provide a complete solution to nearly all EEG monitoring requirements.

ProFusion EEG offers great tools for report generation and/or preparation of clinical presentations. Set up an automatic link to your favourite word processor for quick formatting of diagnostic impressions. And, because ProFusion EEG is a powerful Microsoft Windows application, it is easy to export data and text directly to useful presentation programs such as Microsoft Powerpoint.

ProFusion neXus

Laboratory Management System :: Total Patient data Control // Reduce administrative paper overload

Enhance your Compumedics based sleep laboratory with a Laboratory Management System

The ProFusion neXus Laboratory Management System is designed to optimize administrative and operational workflow needs of busy diagnostic and research laboratories. ProFusion neXus is the basis of Compumedics’ clinical application sleep and neurology software. It provides comprehensive tools to help manage patients, data, decisions and documents in the modern laboratory.

At the heart of ProFusion neXus is a set of advanced features that operate in network environments of any size. The ProFusion neXus services control and manage access to data in the laboratory and take charge of a number of important administrative tasks including:

  • Access to any patient’s record from any authorized workstation
  • Tracking and managing the location and current status of all diagnostic studies in the system
  • Security services to control access to data Centralized access to all information related to a patient including demographics, study data, reports and related documents
  • Real time updates of any change in patient or study status
  • Entry of an extensive list of details related to patient care
  • Management of network disk storage to ensure space availability for data collection
  • Supporting audit trails for security needs
  • Automatic data archiving management

Scheduler for ProFusion neXus

Planning for Staff and Time :: Enhance your ProFusion neXus suite

Maximize the power of Profusion neXus
with the addition of Scheduler for neXus.

Scheduler provides a user-friendly interface allowing patient and physician scheduling from one location. Developed for optimum management of your resources and workflow in mind, Scheduler features user-configurable, multi-site and intuitive search capabilities. Intuitive Search quickly locates the next available time, date or location available for the type of study requested, helping to save time and efficiently manage resources.

The Scheduler module is an enhancement to your ProFusion neXus suite

  • Increase your productivity and throughput with Scheduler for neXus.
  • Reduce paperwork and redundancy with one tool for all patient data entry.
  • Dramatically improve laboratory efficiency with the combination of ProFusion neXus lab management system and enhanced Scheduler appointment planning capabilities.


Scheduler for neXus optimizes procedure scheduling activities whether at a single site or in multi-site environments.
Familiar drag and drop functionality

  • Schedule all available services for a patient – initial diagnostic services, follow up consultations and more
  • Specify a site for the scheduled service in a multi-site environment
  • Smart scheduling with presentation of available alternative appointment times (Intuitive Search)
  • Select appointment times for specified criteria such as type of service, diagnostic location, and even preferred consultant or physician
  • Wait list with easily accessible patient contact details
  • Easily identify High Priority patients
  • Appointments pending insurance clearance are highlighted
  • Multiple-views to quickly view appointments based on user-specified criteria
  • Scheduled appointments automatically populate the prepared study list
  • Launch the neXus Patient Details and Service Details applications directly from the scheduled appointments